Although MR was established 3-4 years, but MR provided services such as gives advices or recommends concerning international standard to some companies which can get international certificates GMP, HACCP and ISO, the followings:

1/ Companies have got certification GMP

  • C & A Lao Air Catering Company (food for flights), in Vientiane Capital
  • Bodeng, Drinking Water Plant, in Savannakhet Province
  • Khamphengphet Chengsavang Company (Rice Mill) in Vientiane Capital

2/ Companies have got certification ISO

  • Steel & Zinc Phousa Company (Steel & Zinc plant), in Vientiane Capital
  • Xayavong group (Pipeline plant), in Vientiane Capital

3/ Companies have got certification GMP and ISO

  • Veunkham Company (Salt Production plant), in Vientiane Capital
  • Cleaning & Pets Control Service Lao (CSL), in Vientiane Capital

4/ Company has got certification GMP, ISO and HACCP

  • Savankham company (Drinking water plant), in Vientiane Capital

5/ Company has got only advice relating to Laws and Regulations from MR

  • NIKON Company in Savannakhet Province.

6/ Companies are implementing for GMP, ISO and HACCP

  • LAVA Drinking Water Plant in Paksong, Champasak Province.
  • Mineral Drinking Water Plant in Namkat, Oudomxai Province.
  • Purer Drinking Water plant, in vientaine Capital.




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